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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playing for Change

Sherry Borzo sent me a happy link today and I went ahead and embedded the video here. Great fun w/ a little "deeper meaning" thrown in.

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Monday, April 13, 2009




Thursday, April 09, 2009


Yippee! April is here, and that means it's time for the build up for the Drake Relays, and the Dr. is preparing to SMOKE! I have been delighted to participate in the shenanigans of the Drake University alumni who gather annually for renwal of fellowship with love of food, drink, conversation and celebration of Drake Relays track.

Normally Dr. Dave shows up on Thursday of the Relays week with two sons in tow to participate in Beersketball and some fabulous evening food and drink culminating with Friday golf (complete with BM Tonics). This year, son Greg is serving his country overseas and son Brindon has work obligations. So, Dr. Dave decided to expand his coverage to include the Wednesday night celebrations. And, being the addicted smoker he is, Dr. Dave signed up for providing some meat for the celebrations.

So, the challenge is: Smoke two beef briskets and two pork butts ahead of time. Keep them ready for transport, and have them ready for consumption for the ravening Drake Alumni Hoard and support staff.

The plan: Smoke two beef briskets two weeks ahead of time. Bring them up to 160 degrees F, then wrap in plastic plus aluminum. Freeze until transport to DesMoines. Finish in the oven. The brisket will rest in its juices, then blossom in time for presentation. So tomorrow, the purchase and marination (yes, I'm a member of the mari-nation) of the briskets. Saturday, smoke is happenin'!

The weekend of April 18th, smoke 2 pork shoulders one week ahead of time. Same strategy. Freeze after smoking to 160 degrees F.

Transporting to DesMoines will continue in a cooler, then finished in the oven. BBQ sauce will be prepared for final finish.

Possibly, some smoked beans will mix in.

More to come.

Dr. Dave