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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roll 'Em Up!

Youngest brother, Joe, got married this past weekend, which brought lots of out of town family to gather at middle brother's house. And what do people do when they gather?
So, in preparation for the "after party", the day of the wedding, we made food...lots and lots of food!
Brother Dave, of Dr. Dave fame, brought delicious smoked pork butt and smoked beef brisket which he reheated to perfection. I wrangled some sous chefs and spent two afternoons making roll ups: Pastrami/sauerkraut/Jarlsburg, Ham/cream cheese/Asparagus spears, Tortilla/cream cheese/sour cream/green onion, and Pinwheels: Tortillas/Ham or Pastrami/Artichoke dip/Jarlsburg/diced tomato/Spinach. Add in mashed potato casserole, 4 Bean Salad, Coleslaw and a large amount of crudite (thanks to Mom's mad chopping skillz) and you have a tasty and colorful spread!
I imagine the leftovers have extended the party for a few days extra!


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