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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

And here I thought it was just a fad!

Here's another installment of meat wrapped in a weave of bacon and this one looks like it won't take too many months off of your life. I'm waiting for the day that the health questionnaire at the doctor's office will ask if you've eaten any bacon weaved food products.

I never thought that my cooking skills would require me to learn how to weave bacon. I've fixed old fold up chairs when the weaving has shredded, so bacon shouldn't be too much harder ... just a greasier endeavor. Maybe I can use screws to hold the bacon in place like the chairs??

The author of the article used an oven broiler to cook the burger since he felt that grilling would cause too many flare ups. This may be true if you were planning direct grilling through the entire cooking process. I wouldn't put the burgers more than a minute per side directly over the flame. Just enough to get a little searing. The rest of the grilling can be done with an indirect flame and some soaked wood chips added to the fire for some smoke flavoring.

In writing this post I was reminded of a brisket recipe that I have that suggests adding bacon strips on top of a lean brisket that's been trimmed of the fat layer. Perhaps a bacon weave will suit the recipe better??

I'll keep you posted on my bacon weaving experiments. Who knows ... you may receive a nice bacon basket for the holidays.


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