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Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Goodies for Saucy Shoppers

Well, we couldn't resist bringing in a few more gift goodies we found while doing some of our own shopping. After we orderd a couple gross of Saucy Joes aprons from our Cafe Press shop (see blatant plug) we looked around for truly unique and off-the-beaten-path stuff.

Lo and behold, we found several really cool items at a store called Uncommon Goods. And not only did we browse, we bought, and then called to chat them up. Customer service was heavenly, and while items do go in and out of stock frequently, they make certain you get a heads-up when inventory is running on the slim side. To give you a quick overview of some of our favorites while saving time, we took the liberty of lifting their ad copy for this review -- pretty well written and helpful to boot.

Here are our latest finds:

In The Hot Seat

One day, Mark and Elan Falvai were going through the nightly routine of washing iconiconpots and pans when they put one down to dry and instantly saw in their heads what you see before you now - the perfect kitchen stool. It took them over a year to find the perfect pot for their creation, with just the right dimensions for a comfortable and stylish seat. Now that they have, though, this "in the hot seat" stool is ready for your kitchen - and ready to act as the perfect seat.

Like Meet Me at My Locker, K?
As far as organization is concerned, public schools are onto something. The same utilitarian metal lockers you remember iconiconfrom 2nd period gym class have been transformed into colorful storage for your home. Four refurbished vintage locker baskets - in red, orange, sky blue and green - fit into a steel frame, making this piece an A+ spot for tucking away books, toys or bad report cards. Complete with metal number labels, this basket locker will bring back visions of kids yelling and locker doors slamming - all without the dirty sock smell.

Olives Not Included
Few drinks have as much style as a dry martini, and now your martini glasses iconiconcan have some style of their own. Whether you like yours shaken or stirred, you'll love the colors and contours of this stately, sturdy barware made exclusively for UG in Mexico.

iconWhere Do You Want Me to Put This, Ma'am?
For a skinny guy, this svelte sommelier can sure schlep, can't he? And best of all, he holds your wine majestically and conveniently for a quick pour and an eye-catching accent on your tabletop. Designed by Nerio Festa and Heidi Hummler, this holder is handmade with steel and hand-picked stone in California’s Sonoma Valley wine country. It looks fun on your bar or kitchen counter.

Modern Vintage
This contemporary design stores your vino with flair. iconiconCradle up to seven regular sized bottles and one oversized magnum or champagne bottle in the intersecting loops of this sleek wine rack. Molded birch and walnut intertwine, creating an organic form that will feel at home wherever you display it.

A Flute of Noteiconicon
Start the champagne flowing at a sizzling soiree. Or just start sipping your favorite bubbly from these joyous colorful champagne flutes and turn any occasion into a celebration. Even a gathering of a few friends will be more fun with these translucent variations on a rainbow. Let your fingers curl around a smooth, shiny glass with its graceful long stem, then sit back and enjoy the company.


Blogger Connie said...

We received some very fun, very wonderful items from our loving Saucy relatives from this site. They arrived in great shape and are extremely cool. I highly recommend checking them out.

Sun Dec 25, 10:57:00 PM CST  

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