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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pork Makes for the Best Smokin'

I've come to the conclusion that pork makes the best smokin' meat. The Dr. Dave household has put up with my experimentation with slamon, pot roast, corned beef smokin' as well as the Tennessee Pork Loin with Whiskey, Brown Surgar and Mustard recipe courtesy of Saucy Joe. The family has been kind at times and enthusiastic at times. However, they have been most enthusiastic over the pork recipes. I think smoking opens up the pores of the meat and pork absorbs the smoke better than the other meats. Or maybe pork just tastes better with smoke.

For Thanksgiving, I smoked a 7.5 lb ham using a Honey Glazed Ham recipe from Derrick Riches on which turned out fabulously despite the 19 degreee temperatures and wind out of the north at 30 mph (yes, you can smoke during a 'Blue Norther'!). Again, the smoked flavor permeated the ham nicely. I used apple wood chips which I had heard went well with ham. The smokin' took 7.5 hours and coincided with the completion of the turkey roasting in the oven. The only regret I had about the ham was that I had to give up the leftovers to the in-laws in order to retain enough turkey for sandwiches the next day (and day after, and day after...).

Any comments? Am I full of it (on this topic at least)?

Is it a fat thing? Does fat absorb the smoke better?


Blogger Saucy Joe Sullivan said...

Ah yes, Dr. Dave, being no stranger to controversy and perhaps our biggest provacateur, you have chosen the other white meat as your viande de choix! No surprise, coming from your adopted state of Iowa no less. "Hah!" we proclaim with great fervor, and "hah" again for pigtowing (you can't cowtow if you're a pork professional can you?) to the Pork Producers and endorsing their prize as smoking's best subject. Rumor has it, the editors of SaucyJoes and Bob Woodward have in their possession, a copy of a rather hefty cancelled check from the Producers made out to you for "impervious blog subterfuge." Oh, the shame. And, please remember your nephews and nieces at Christmas time.

Thu Dec 01, 10:38:00 PM CST  
Blogger Dr. Dave said...

Iowa State Motto: Hogs don't vote. People Do.

(Actually seen on a billboard on I35 south of Mason City)

Fri Dec 02, 08:01:00 AM CST  
Blogger Cathy said...

"Does fat absorb the smoke better?"

Joe, there's the answer to your cologne research start. See if fat absorbs smoke better and if it does, that can be your base! ;)

Sat Dec 03, 09:14:00 PM CST  
Blogger Ski Sullivan/TexBall said...

Brilliant! Just put a pork chop under each arm prior to leaving the house... No wonder the dogs follow Joe so closely! Man's best friend -- Bah!

Mon Dec 05, 10:45:00 AM CST  

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