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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Some Great Gifts For Winers

We've been surfing and shopping again and found some truly fun items for the wine or cooking enthusiast in your life -- perhaps you?

The Deluxe Wine Backpack
Designed to cart enough for serving four people, the Deluxe Picnic Backpack is a hot item at Amazon and in wine specialty shops. You can order it in two colors and look smart schlepping food and drink around the trails for your favorite folks...
Contents: *4 Melamine Plates *4 Acrylic Wine Glasses *4 each Stainless Steel Knives, Forks & Spoons *Corkscrew/Bottle Opener *Cutting Board *Cheese Knife *Salt & Pepper Shakers *4 Cloth Napkins (in Plaid, Wine bottles or Gingham) *Thermal Shield *Insulated Food Compartment *Detachable Insulated Wine Pouch Dimensions: 16'' x 15'' x 7 1/2''. Napkins: , Bag Colors: Navy Blue or Forest Green . For a two-person version click here

Weber Poultry Roaster The surest sign that a backyard cooking fad has gained legitimacy is when a major manufacturer makes the original fad seem woefully inconvenient. The cooking craze is beer can chicken, in which a backyard barbecuer roasts a chicken perched atop a beer can, resulting in a crackly, crisp, succulent-flavored bird. Weber's poultry roaster does the process one-step better (and easier) by offering an aluminum tray with a cone-shaped infuser in the middle. Place the bird on the cone (rather than the can), fill the tray with beer, wine, fruit juice, or another flavoring agent, and place it on the grill.

The bird will fill with aromatic steam as it cooks to juicy perfection in less time than ordinary roasting. Plus, the bird removes easily when you're finished. For additional flavor, add a variety of spices to the reservoir. Now you no longer have to fret over balancing the bird-covered beer on the grill, nor figure out how to remove the beer can afterward. Who knew it could be so easy?

Wine Spectator's Ultimate Wine Tasting Kit
The editors at Wine Spectator reveal the secrets to tasting wine like the experts do, utilizing the magazine's well-established 100-point system. This ULTIMATE WINE TASTING KIT contains everything necessary to conduct more than 25 different tastings, in addition to fundamental information about buying, storing, and serving wine.

The comprehensive book-plus kit, designed for holding at-home blind tastings of wine for up to six participants, contains Harvey Steiman's Essentials of Wine, Wine Spectator's Pocket Guide to Wine and Quick Guide to Wine Tasting, bottle bags, tasting checklists, stemware tags, and bottle tags.

Cellar ! Software for Managing Your Wine Cellar
Since 1995, Cellar! has been used by thousands of wine lovers worldwide to capture their wine experiences. With Cellar! you can keep tasting notes about the wines you enjoy or manage a cellar of unlimited size. Take a moment to read the detailed description section to see why users have chosen Cellar! to track over three quarters of a million bottles of wine. Anthony Dias Blue, the Wine writer and contributor to Wine and Food Magazine, wrote in the Robb Report that "One of the most sophisticated [wine software programs] is Cellar!, which as been continually updated since 1995." Whether you wish to keep a lifetime's worth of tasting notes or manage a cellar of unlimited size, Cellar!'s features truly make it the leading wine enthusiast software.


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