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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

At Last, Saucy Joe's Dr. Dave's Tonic Brisket!!!

While many of you have heard tidbits of the infamous Dr. Dave's BM Tonic, (Dr. Dave may illuminate you in a subsequent comment or post) and it's curative effects, no one to-date has been adventuresome enough to take this illbegotten elixar and use it for cooking purposes. Well, one poor lad tried and was killed in the resulting explosion -- there's a reason they serve it in red metal containers...

Soooooo, SJ took on the task after investing in one of those cool hazmat suits, and the rest is history. He stirred, he sipped, he stirred, he siphhedd, he schtirreddd, he schippped, and when he awoke, there was tonic suitable for a wonderful brisket mop and bbq sauce. These clever variations took a good brisket to greatness, and we had plenty of bbq sauce and sauced cooks and guests for days.

Rather than bring the entire recipe to you here, we refer you instead to the main site's smoking section (no jacket required) where you'll find the entire process spelled out. Cathy will have to come up and sit and drink for this one as it's a more complicated process. Fortunately, it's a track lubricated with a fine tonic for what ails ya.

Try this one for the holidays -- we think sitting down to a Dr. Dave's infused brisket would've certainly fixed that wimp Timmy's legs! And maybe, Scrooge was tipping the Dr. Dave's jug prior to those visions... Dave?


Blogger Dr. Dave said...

Well SJ, I would say that Scrooge might have seen visions as a result of partaking of the BM Tonic. He ceratinly would have had no trouble staying warm in that cold office. He should have given Bob Cratchet a tumbler full of BM tonic instead of that extra piece of coal. We could have had an entirely different story!

NAH! Dr. Dave's BM Tonic does not bring a 'BAH HUMBUG' to MY lips. It wouldn't have done so to Scrooge either.

I do have to admit that after a few tumblers full of Dr. Dave's BM Tonic, I tend to spend money like Scrooge did at the end of the story...

Fri Dec 16, 02:47:00 PM CST  

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