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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I love ya honey, but could you stand over there ... please????

We were all worried how we'd smell after the appetizer at Buca di Beppo last Thursday. I can't imagine 12 cloves of garlic per day. I'm a big fan of garlic, but on my best day I haven't used more than 6 cloves at one time. It's gotta be love if you hang around a person after 12 cloves per day. Either that or the sense of smell is gone. If I eat 3 cloves per day, do I get a quarter of the benefit??? Here's the report:

One new study on the potential benefits of garlic shows just how complex things can get and how important dosage is.

Various research has shown garlic to be good for the heart. It lowers total cholesterol levels, for one thing, and it makes blood less likely to clot. The new experiment, done on rats, finds that garlic's effects on cholesterol depend on dosage.

Shela Gorinstein of the Hebrew University and colleagues fed rats garlic doses that ranged from 500 milligrams to 1,000 per kilogram of body weight. Only the 500-milligram dose lowered cholesterol and affected blood clotting.

The researchers stress that the study cannot be applied to humans. But they note that the dose they're talking about would translate into a whopping 12 cloves of garlic per day for a 150-pound person. Break out the breath mints.

The results will be detailed in the June 14 issue of the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry. And yes, more work needs to be done.


Blogger Connie said...

Imagine the smell in your house! Even Libby's Stargazer lilies, which are mighty potent when all 6 are open, couldn't cover up the odor of 12 baked garlic cloves. Sure sounds delicious, though, and makes me want to locate my garlic baker.

Wed May 31, 05:39:00 PM CDT  

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