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Friday, January 08, 2010

A new way to explore food and wine expertise

It looks like our friends at GuruTrack are preparing a feature on the Women of Wine for their debut issues (online at this January. Their site is new, but they are promising to give us "backstage access" to the experts we love, and we're rooting for them to pull it off.

We see so many press releases and social media missives about the experts and their breakthrough moments in 2009, it will be good to hear more table-talk opinions and down to earth comments from those making food and wine mojo this year.

One note, the GuruTrack site is just opening so expect changes and maybe some "coming soon" placements. membership is still free though, and even if you subscribe, it is a three-tier build up and you won't pay full boat until month three. Pretty cool. They're also looking for more guru nominations, so if you have someone you'd like to see interviewed, go to their "sneak peek" page and send them a lead.

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