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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

John & Dorothy CALL ME!

John Brecher and Dorothy J. Gaiter have departed the now Rupertonian Wall Street Journal.

The former Wine Editors of the last remaining reason (Weekend Journal) to subscribe to the increasingly liberal-bashing paper, declared their last column their final column, and boom done. No explanation, no long goodbyes, nothing except a single paragraph buried in the last column.

Email to a writer yielded a reply from Weekend Journal News Editor John Edwards, which said simply "We're not sure of their future plans, and I'm afraid we're not at liberty to say more about the circumstances of their departure."

So, we have more nothing.

MY response? A public call to John and Dorothy. If you know them or can find someone who does, let them know I WILL DESIGN AND HOST THEIR NEW BLOG/SITE FOR FREE.


I have now cancelled my print subscription. This was last straw as the "news" coverage is so ingratiatingly insipid in it's conservo-slant that it rarely merits a read-thru except as a means to keep closer to both sides of the argument. And truthfully, with the latest editions offering up poor photo-illustration to support even worse essays, the Weekend Journal had looked more like the "Weakened Journal."

So, no more. Screw you Rupert. Shame on the Bancrofts for selling out. And, John and Dorothy, DM me folks. Happy to help.


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