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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wandering of a BBQ Mind

Well, The Dr. survived Relays, just barely. The BBQ was received with acclaim. As a last minute addition, I smoked some hot legs (see the Saucy Joes blogspot archives) which I warmed in a crock pot, then transported on the floor of my '93 Lincoln Mark VIII the whole way to DesMoines (torture!). The long marination in a combination of BBQ sauces and Dr. Dave's BM Tonic made these legs dangerous. The fun activities, the Relays and the fabulous company made this a terrific 3 days.

On to other opportunities to smoke some big meat...

Today, I am smoking two briskets. One is going with our fabulous daughter-in-law back to Dayton, OH as a welcoming dinner for son Gregory who is finishing up his tour in Iraq. The second will be consumed tonight.

Next weekend is a shrimp boil, setting up for graduation of nephew Addison Ardolino later in the month where the quantities increase without a decrease in taste. Other graduations promise opportunities to smoke big meat.

Chronicles to follow. Enjoy your late spring!

Dr. Dave


Blogger Connie said...

Sami's graduating next May (hint, hint)

Mon May 11, 07:01:00 PM CDT  

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