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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

John & Dorothy's Wine Things for 2009

The WSJ wine critics have compiled a delightful list of things to do wine-wise for the year ahead. Thoughtful and fun items here. Seems like a good start. If you have some others to consider, make up your list and comment here.

Here's the list. Go to the Journal article to read the explanations for each task.
1. Try a Wine From a Different Country
2. Go to a Wine Bar and Have a Flight of Wine
3. Order the Cheapest Wine on a Restaurant's Wine List
4. Open a Sparkler at Home for No Reason at All
5. Take Notes on a Fine Wine From Beginning to End
6. Have a Sauternes
7. Have a Blind Tasting
8. Organize Your Labels (for us it's corks)
9. Visit the Closest Winery to Your Home
10. Attend a Winemaker's Dinner at a Restaurant
11. Have Fun With Stemware
12. Find a New Wine Store
13. Try a Varietal You've Never Had From a U.S. Winery
14. Either: Have 12 Different Bottles in the House at Once
14a. Or: Drink Up
15. Go Crazy on a Wine Pairing for Dinner Some Night
16. Try an Older White
16. Try a Type of Wine You Think You Don't Like
18. Get a New Corkscrew
19. Serve a Dessert Wine to Guests
20. Shatter Your Price Limit

Extra Credit
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Blogger Connie said...

An artist friend of mine recently bartered his painting for a leg of lamb and 5 steaks. I got to thinking that plenty of wine collectors would consider bartering a few choice bottles for artwork as well.

Sun Feb 15, 05:46:00 PM CST  

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