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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Simple Salmon ... as simple as I get

I was at the end of my freshness date on two salmon fillets that were sitting in the fridge and had to think of something fast. Dinner time was also working against me, so simplicity became my mantra. No time for marinades as I still needed to get the fire going on the charcoal grill and shuck five ears of corn. I opened the door to the fridge and there was part of my answer. Creole mustard! A quick spin of the spices on the lazy susan and I had my Ancho Chili powder and Orange Peel.

I washed the salmon and dried it with a paper towel. I squeezed out probably more mustard than I needed, but didn't have time to argue with myself, proceeded to slather one side and leave the skin side untouched. Next came the ancho chili powder. I sprinkled enough to give it good coverage and color. Last was the orange peel. The aroma was wonderful. I usually make my own orange peel spice, but this a great spice to purchase if you don't have time to make your own.

I was done with prep work on the salmon and had time to get the corn ready by the time the charcoal was ready! I cooked up the corn first over a hot fire and let the salmon soak in some of the flavor of the mustard. With corn looking yummy in a short amount of time, I put the salmon on skin side down on the grill, threw some additional wood chips on the fire and covered it up for five minutes. I popped the cover and noticed the salmon already getting a wonderful color. Time to flip it and give it some time over direct flame. Here's where it helps to have the longest spatula you can buy. After four minutes flesh side down on the grill, the salmon is on the verge of falling apart. So with my huge spatula and some tongs I flipped back to the skin side for a couple more minutes, added a few more wood chips and closed the top vent on my grill a bit.

The salmon was fall apart tender by the time I pulled it off the grill and had some wonderful color and aroma to it! The house was excited with the fare and made quick work of the salmon and corn. Always a sign of approval. So now I have a new favorite way of cooking salmon ... at least until something else tickles my fancy! Enjoy!!

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Blogger Saucy Joe Sullivan said...

I just realized you could cook this using your broiler in the oven in case you don't have a grill. I'm sure the result would be pretty tasty!

Wed Jul 16, 02:58:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Dr. Dave said...

Hey Saucy One!
Did you cook this over direct heat or indirect heat?

I usually have trouble with salmon sticking to the grill rack. Did you spray on some non-stick stuff like 'PAM' or did you just go with brushing the grill rack clean?

Dr. Dave

Mon Jul 21, 09:49:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Saucy Joe Sullivan said...

I cooked the salmon over direct heat and just brushed the grill rack clean ... no non-stick stuff. It didn't stick at all surprisingly. I'm sure the mustard and spices helped. I've had a sticking problem in the past with foods when I try to turn them too soon. I'm sure that would have been the case with the salmon. Sometimes you have to test it with the spatula and see if it's ready to flip.

Wed Jul 23, 11:38:00 AM CDT  

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