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Monday, October 10, 2005

Saucy Commentary in the Food World

As you know, we're big fans of good writers, cerebral folly and people who "get it." And as usual, those with a sharp wit are also likely to fling their rapier-sharp attitude around liberally as well. That's okay too, although you sometimes get cut(s).

Two ends of this spectrum were discovered this weekend on a lazy literary Sunday. BTW, if you haven't checked out the new Weekend Journal (delivered Saturdays) from the WSJ, get a trial subscription. It's every bit as entertaining a read as the Sunday Times.

Anyhoo, entry number one was Don't Try This at Home, an anthology of culinary catastrophes w/ interviews from some 40-odd world-class chefs. From overbearing customers to the in-house subterfuge and drama, this tome reveals the sordid underbelly of what goes into making food great, and great chefs in the process. You'll recognize many of the names and want to research the others.

Entry number two comes from Leslie Kelly's blog on the Memphis Commercial Appeal's website. Whining and Dining. Leslie seems to be everywhere in the world of good southern cooking and the people that make it so yummy. We were entertained reading through her posts and believe you will be too. In fact, we've floated membership in this little bit of blogdom to her, and hope to see some of her wit and wisdom on these pages.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Cathy posted up comments and links on more Texas Wine info. Check it out and offer up your own Tejas wine tidbits as well.
AND ANOTHER THANG: the Saucy One was busy this weekend (in between lots of red wine, sitting by the fire pit and MLB games on the outside tube) w/ new recipes and techniques for the November site. We'll preview some of those soon too!


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