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Monday, October 03, 2005

Cool New Stuff at SaucyJoes

Some saucy new items at the SJ:

The Complete Spiced Caesar has been uploaded into our On The Grill section. New photos (click on 'em to see bigger views), a few tweaks to the recipe etc. This continues to be a hot recipe among viewers.

Davis Borzo's Wine Picks & Pairings... David went WAY over the top in choosing 4 wines he suspected would work w/ the Spiced Caesar. Sherry (his life and culinary partner) followed the recipe to a T, and their findings are revealed in our Wine Picks section. Soon, we'll be delving into the delicious world of sibling rivalries by inviting David's older brother, Phil, to the party. He's a vino stud too, and a key to the success of Des Moines' Wine Experience.

We added Joe's Ultimate Saucy Joe Rub to the Rubs section, as well as a resource guide to rub recipes on the web.

AND, we dropped in Joe's Smoked Pork Loin recipe on the In The Smoker section. A monster undertaking he's made simple grabbing a Steven Raichlen recipe and making it his own on the smoker. A new essay on smoking woods is also up now.

Coming Soon...
Essays and rants from Members Curt Simmons and Cathy Beneford on the magic of smoke, and musical pairings for "chilin and grillin," respectively. We've also thrown the gauntlet out to the folks on Radio Paradise to hear their pairings, and numerous other bbq luminaries for recipes and tips & tricks.

Stay tuned and keep those comments coming!


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