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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Wine Visit to Down Under

After reading a fun wine blog, complete with a quiz on American wines NOT from the U.S., I was directed to the representative site for several Australian wineries called Old Bridge Cellars.

Here's their "about us" description:

In this age of 'big company' buyouts, increasing consolidation and mass production, Old Bridge Cellars brings you a group of Australian winemakers who retain their belief in artisan winemaking. Respecting the land and with minimal intervention in the winery, their wines remain true to the soils from which they come.

They share a fierce commitment to quality and a determination to preserve their independence and regional heritage. Many are the second, third and even fourth generations of their family to work the vineyards. It's their intuitive understanding, quiet confidence and desire to produce only the best they can from each vintage that has made them Australian benchmarks, universally acclaimed by wine critics across the globe.

Founded in 1990, Old Bridge Cellars embraces the intense passion of these winemakers and remains one of only a few US importers dedicated solely to the best of regional Australia. Our knowledge of Australian wine runs deep and has been recognized in such publications as The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, Wine and Spirits, International Wine Cellar and Wine Enthusiast. Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate has gone so far as to say, "thanks in large part to the work of such talented importers as Old Bridge Cellars et al… American consumers have never had such an enormous selection of Australia's finest as well as rarest wines."

We see as our mission the promotion of Australia's 'real wines, ' championing those winemakers who give everything in their pursuit of truly distinctive, regionally defined styles that sit comfortably with the world's best. And who believe they can do it even better again next vintage!

It's an enlightening, exhilarating journey. Welcome aboard.

To see the complete Old Bridge Cellars site, click here.


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