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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chilled Smoked Salmon Suggestions?

Hi All,

My wife, the lovely Linda Sullivan, is hosting a Basket Demonstration party Saturday. I have offered to provide the smoked goodies. I have two different smoked salmon recipes which I am planning to prepare and provide for appetizers. I am also smoking some trout and plan on serving that on apple slices.

I am looking for some suggestions for finger foods to combine with the smoked salmon for appetizers. Any help you can give me will be much appreciated!

Like any sensible husband, I intend to be on the golf course hwen the 15 women invited to this basket party arrive, so I need to be able to make these appetizers in advance, and then keep them cool for 3 hours until the ladies show up.



Blogger Connie said...

I do "Miller Margarita Night" every month or so, and hors d'ouvres are de rigour for such events. My birthday/MMN, last month, we had ripe Brie with crackers, tomato slices topped with mozzerella slices drizzled with olive oil and garnished with basil. Guacamole is always a good bet. They also love Mom's cheeseball, but don't we all!

Wed Jul 12, 06:47:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Saucy Joe Sullivan said...

A hummus dip would work well. You can usually find hummus in the grocery store. You can add a roasted red pepper (pre done in jars at the grocery store) throw it together in the blender or food processor.

Canned Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce can also mix with the Hummus. It can also spice up your Guacamole or Salsa.

Break out the smoker and smoke whole tomatos, jalapenos and corn on the cob for homemade salsas and guacamole or add to your favorite store brands.

All that said ... Mom's Cheeseball sounds great right now.

Fri Jul 14, 03:00:00 PM CDT  

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