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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wine Smarts -- The Gurus That You Knew So Well


Searching the web it becomes apparent that some of these wine folks are very savvy.

Case in point is Michael Duffy, who compiles the Winery Website Report for Wineries to use in gauging their competitive excellence or (sadly) lack thereof. He customizes the report (a deft touch according to trends guru Seth Godin on his "How Cool is This" blog) and offers up all manner of ideas and advice on how to market more effectively. A lot of what he does, Ski does for us, but I was impressed by the scope of his knowledge. He has a cool blog too.

He also compiled a roster of those wineries currently blogging. As a courtesy to Sj readers, here tis:

  • Anne Amie Vineywards

  • Anomaly Vineyards

  • Atelier Winery

  • Dover Canyon Winery

  • Match Vineyards

  • Oklahoma Wine News (Nuyaka Creek)

  • Preston Vineyards (Lou's Musings)

  • Selene Harvest Blog

  • Sokol Blosser (no RSS feed)

  • Wood Family Vineyards

  • More to come from these guys as we glean some comments and learn to appreciate their expertise even more.


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