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Sunday, August 27, 2006

USB Desktop Smoker

There's a story making the blog rounds about how to make an electric cooker powered by your PC using 30 USB connections and the guts of four USB cup warmers (see inset photo). That got the smoker in me thinking that this would be perfect for a desktop sized electric smoker.

Just place a lunch sized portion of meat or veggies in the smoker when you get into work. Add wood shavings that you ground up in the pencil sharpener (oak, pecan and alder wood sticks provided) on top of the heating element and seal up for a four hour smoke.

Be the envy of all your coworkers! Just make sure that IT doesn't catch you! They'll wait until 11:30am and confiscate your computer, smoker and your cooked lunch. Sneaky bastards!!


Blogger Dr. Dave said...

I just threw some wood chips on my Dell Laptop battery and put a brisket on! Sumptuous!

Fri Sep 01, 04:30:00 PM CDT  

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